Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Thoughts at 4 months

Well it's fair to say life has been a bit hectic! I went back to work a few weeks ago and last week we moved to Salisbury. Life is pretty good, we have a huge house that we won't grow out of unless we have three more children which I don't think will happen any time soon, I'm still struggling to come to terms with PPH and one day I will get around to getting all the questions I have about that answered!!  

I'm literally giddy right now though I could be high on life because of that yellow ball in the blue sky that we haven't seen since before Albert was born!

We've settled into a nice three storey house and my new office is at the top.  Mark spends the day with Albie and given the amount of trips up and down the stairs I make for cuddles a cup of tea I'd say we have a very lucky boy who sees so much of his parents.  

Dislikes at 4 months

Tummy time.  We're getting there, I don't think practice has made perfect because Albie has not had much time on his tummy as he's been sick with a bug.  He has however mastered pushing up and can get himself onto his knees so I guess his body has just got stronger.

Sore gums. We are in the throws of teething (?) with high pitched screams, constant saliva rashes, soaked bibs and chewing everything. As a first time Mum I'm not sure if this is teething, this could be just life for a baby, it could be yet another growth spurt!

Likes at 4 months

Mummy and Daddy. Mark and I are hilarious!! Or at least we are to Albie. Today I had a visit to my office and as soon as Albie took one look at me he laughed his head off. He had me checking my face to see if I had anything funny on there, I hadn't said anything! 

Standing up.  If Albie is whinging we just stand him up, works every time.  As soon as those legs are straight we have smiles all around.