Welcome to Wandering Starrs, the home of my wanderings through life.  

By day I work 9-5 analysing road safety statistics and data which ultimately tries to save lives on the road - yes I am one of those annoying people on car journeys that says "ooh that tree should be removed" and "those barriers are not the good ones"...

By night and at weekends I'm a mummy in the making and love nothing more than spending time with my husband and family.  I love photography whether it's capturing beautiful countryside, interesting architecture or great family moments.  Getting photos back from a film or scrolling through the millions of pictures digital photography allows you to take really excites me.  There's nothing like reminiscing about a place you've been but I'm also a bit of an armchair traveller as my day job doesn't quite pay me enough to get far away from the UK very often (does any 9-5 job?!) so love reading blogs that share other people's memories.  If you enjoy my blog please comment so I can see yours.

I do really love living in the UK though.  I particularly love a good camping trip as it brings together all the things I love in life: wandering and discovering new places, cooking and eating simple food outside, late night conversations (usually with a beverage or two...). cosiness and getting out of every day routine I actually love letting my hair have a mad day and getting away with it.

Other things you will see I love include going to a good festival: beer, food or music I don't mind and markets too; London markets being a favourite.  I enjoy harbours and beaches so really enjoying visiting my parents who live in Dorset.  If I could love anywhere in the world it would be by the sea or on a loch in Scotland so I can couple my love for water with the amazing mountainous scenery.  Plus I'm half Scottish as is my husband so I'm a bit biased with my choice of mountain region!

And the name? This blog came about before I got married last October to my Prince Charming and my maiden name is Starrs in case anyone thought I had got the spelling of 'stars' a bit wrong

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