Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunny times at Red Lion Lane

*Sighs* The grass was getting pretty long, weeds were everywhere and it rained and it rained for most of the last month.  I also had a tough trip with work on the horizon and so shut myself away for a bit.  Thankfully I went away for the work trip last week and came back to beautiful weather "Hello Summer!!".

This weekend we've thrown ourselves into the British summer.  We took two trips to the garden centre, sorting ourselves out with tools and a hosepipe and set about weeding.  It's a long garden so rather than get all overwhelmed we made it a challenge to tidy up the decking so we could sit and eat barbecued food in some sort of comfort.  And we didn't just have one barbecue oh no we had too, you never know when you're going to get this sunny period again!

Lovely Dahlias and a plant reminding me of childhood Fuschia

It may not look a lot but in this heat I'm pretty proud of persevering!

Day one
Day two

A bit worn out after the long weekend

Sunday, 13 May 2012

The new garden

Thanks for the good wishes in my last post, feeling much better now!  The weather certainly didn't help with the mood I was in and I found myself looking out to our unhappy garden watching the rain doing its best to stop me going out there.

Alas the sun is out and we're doing some bits and pieces in the garden, photos to come but for now I thought I would show you what we've been given.  Lots to do but some nice treats in there to keep us going!

Ah thistles! We're both half Scottish so nice to have something that represents our family
Lots to do here it's a mess!