Monday, 26 November 2012

Lovely lonely walk

Now I'm on my maternity leave I'm trying to not fill up my time by just sitting on the sofa and watching daytime telly*.  Since we've moved around so much since leaving university in 2007 we've not tied down a set of friends nearby so I'm quite the loner with a lot of time on my hands!

I've been swimming a few times and getting quite a bit of attention from the lifeguards I think they're worried my waters are going to go or something.  It does feel great swimming though so I'll see if I can keep going for the next few weeks, I can't believe I'm now 37 and a half weeks pregnant!  I also take advantage of the countryside on my doorstep so getting out to walk even if it only takes half an hour before my feet swell up it feels great.

Here are some pictures from a recent walk just me and the baby.

*I confess though there is a good amount of this going on

Friday, 23 November 2012

A slice of Canada

A few months ago I took part in this year's Photoswap.  Here are photos from my partner Sheila who lives in Okotoks in Canada.  The images are exactly what I imagine when I think of the Canadian Prairies it makes me want to go even more than I already do!

For more photoswap photos visit here, I'll be uploading my photos very soon.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Autumn at The Vyne

I'm doing a happy dance over here.  The last few months of pain and stress are finally over and I'm on maternity leave.  I'm still in pain and it's getting worse now baby is doubling in size (exaggeration but it bloody feels like it) every week but I can stand up and walk around and not feel tied to the desk any more which is amazing.  

I have so many plans for maternity leave too.  I've dug out my old sewing machine and learnt how to use it again so currently crafting away which is so fun I didn't think crafting was my thing.  I'm going to enjoy swimming and walking when the sun comes out.  I also have lots to sort out for baby too such as packing the hospital bag and sorting out the nursery.  

Yesterday we finally got outdoors to see the autumn colours before the leaves are gone and went for a sunny walk at our local National Trust property The Vyne.

I love the Vyne as it has a bit of everything in terms of outdoors.  It has a walled garden and I love me a walled garden.  I don't know what it is but I prefer rows of beds full of vegetables and flowers to pick than a well manicured garden.  We really need to visit over the summer next year, I said it last time we went to the Vyne and we just haven't gone back since!

After spending some time in the walled garden, we then took a look around the summerhouse.  The description of the summerhouse asked "what would you do with this space?" Hmm I watch quite a bit of Grand Designs I had quite a few ideas, I'm sure we could fit the three of us in there quite nicely!

There is quite a bit of land to walk around without having to buy a ticket to the main house so we went to make the most of the golden colours and sat and had a picnic of hot soup and bread.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

27 and reflective

I've been a bit quiet on here recently.  Weekends have been so busy and not relaxing at all so I'm hoping that will change soon.  I finish work next week I can't wait, I have so much planned! I'm determined to sort out all our photos and get them in albums, get baking and make something for the baby (I have a sewing machine and I'm determined to remember how it works!).

Recently we took a wander around a village near us, Stockbridge.  It was very nice, reminded of us of where we used to live and we enjoyed having a good potter around.

Other things we've been up to include going to the Baby Show in London and finally sorting out a pram - we've gone for the Mamas and Papas Urbo in bright lime green, we can't wait to hit the streets with the baby! As you can see I went a bit mad buying bibs, I guess you can never have too many! Last week I told the midwife about a niggle and she was very concerned and asked me to get checked out if it persisted.  I went to a nearby birthing centre a couple of days later to get checked out and they had us panicking and we had to get straight over to the hospital where I had quite the MOT!  All is fine though we finally found out the position of the baby, it's back to back so let the spinning exercises commence!

Today I've turned 27, check out my new jumper my Mum sent me in the post I love it just hope I don't stretch it!  I can't believe I'll have my first child at 27, I always said I would wait until I'm 30 and concentrate on work and making lots of money....oh how glad I am that my mindset changed to being poor and having a house full of love (in the words of Nicole Scherzinger you might need a burger to go with that cheese!?).