Friday, 30 September 2011

New camera

Yesterday I broke....we weren't getting very far in learning photography with the SLR and getting films developed proved expensive so while it cost a lot right now I think it will pay off in the long run.  

We couldn't resist trying it out right away and last night went for an autumn walk.


Lots to learn but looking forward to it

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Highs and Lows

This weekend was probably our lowest of the wedding planning due to some family politics but perhaps one of my personal highlights as we journeyed over to South Gloucestershire to deliver jugs to the lady who has grown  and will be arranging our flowers for the big day.

We also did a couple of our DIY tasks which always makes us feel great that we are putting our own stamp on the wedding.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A birthday and a weekend away

Our one month countdown to the big day started exactly on the Mr's birthday.  Since our wedding meal will be a Spanish feast we decided to head to La Tasca (I live in Basingstoke...) to start the excitement.

The weekend was a busy one as the dress was finally ready to be picked up and since it was all the way in Essex the maid of honour kindly booked a hotel in London for us and mother of the bride.

While the dress had a few last minute alterations we took a walk down a country lane to the most amazing garden centre.  We're getting the wedding flowers from Organic Blooms, a business who grow seasonal cut flowers and so the flowers we end up getting all depend on what survive the change in season that's suddenly begun!  Our trip to the garden centre was a handy trip to see what's around.  

How great is this wildflower garden, I'm definitely going to try and recreate this in our little flower beds at home.

Then off to London we went.

Our hotel was in Paddington where there are lots of Mews, don't you just love a London Mews!!

We had a few drinks in China town and went for a chinese it was great! Oh and then we got a rickshaw back to the hotel but every photographical evidence of that were fuzzy, a bit like my head was at the time :)

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Antique hunting

This weekend had a funny turn.  We've both been getting very fed up with the layout of the living room and we put it down to a huge TV unit taking up the room.  I really don't think living rooms should centre around the TV so suggested we should go and face the ikea traffic on Saturday and sort out this problem.

In some situations I'm a huge believer in fate and when we joined the heavy traffic on the M3 and heard a message on the radio that the southbound traffic between Winchester and Southampton was an hour delay, our decision to turn back was one of our best yet.

Just as we headed back I said we could go to Farnham where there is a really amazing antiques centre that we had visited before and we could hunt around for some more wedding bits.

Here are a few shops and things that caught my eye.

Dorian Crafts

I refer to this room as a treasure chest, it has so many pretty items though if you could ask me to pick something out I couldn't as you are so spoilt by choice.  I do love the little shop though and would be quite satisfied to look at every item in detail.

Just The One

The attic of the antiques mill holds a gem of a shop.  We love all things shabby chic and this room has everything we would need to create our shabby chic house.  

~ New item on the wish list ~

I have a little obsession with wooden boxes and this one really caught my eye but I was very good and had to tell myself I don't NEED another wooden box and slowly walked away.

~ Nostalgia ~

This picture made me smile.  My Nana had a collection of these photographs and for a short moment I was very little and thinking it was my Mum in the pictures all over again.

Caro Designs

I liked this shop full of restored furniture.  I love the idea of finding unloved furniture and bringing it back to life.

It was here we had our "ta-da" moment

It was great and here it is now in our little home

I'm now so glad the traffic was silly busy yesterday!