Thursday, 30 August 2012


A couple of weekends ago we visited my parents down in Dorset and went to Weymouth for the day.  It was a bit of a muggy grey day but as long as it doesn't rain I'm happy.  We went for a walk along an old railway which led us to Weymouth harbour.

I love visiting harbours they are always peaceful, you can sit down and people watch as there is always so much going on.  The trouble is I always want a boat, I get pretty jealous of the people docking up to get some snacks and then sailing off to the next harbour.  When my parents said we were going to get a boat I was beside myself!  I thought perhaps they do boat hire what a treat?! Ha oh no we had a little ferry from one side of the harbour to the other, I was easily amused though.

Any boat will do!

It was a short walk from the other side of the harbour to the beach.  I took these pictures on my SLR and the film doesn't really love grey days so the beach doesn't look very enticing but it did look much better.  It summed up summer holidays there were kids everywhere with their buckets and spades and mums and dads with all the kit: tents, windbreaks, deckchair, the works! It look quite stressful but perhaps that will be us one day!

We sat on the beach for a short while while I picked up some more energy (I'm not quite up for long walks anymore!) before heading home.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

A proper Sunday

I have a big confession.  I've not been out in the garden since I last blogged about it.  I suppose all the rain hasn't helped and we've made sure the hedge and grass is cut but for the rest of the garden the weeds have overgrown and it's generally very miserable.

I had enough today I went out and decided to just uproot everything in the hope we can start again.  Plus the landlord had shocking taste in some of the plants that are among the weeds.  I started and then felt the task was too big so temporarily gave up until Mark came to help.  We blasted through a lot of it and there is still lots more to do but it's great that we have made a start.

No before pics I was too stressed by it all!
I have absolutely no idea what we do now to be honest.  Any gardening experts out there please let me know!

As for the rest of the day, Mark played golf and I went swimming which felt like a proper start to the day.  After this manual task that sent the baby wild with kicks I had a relaxing bath.  We currently have chicken roasting in the oven and Mark is making baked cauliflower with cheese yum! I'm sure I'll be asleep by 8....

These pictures aren't great but I thought I would say goodbye to the camera before it goes to it's new home. Now the task begins to find a new camera!

Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Back home

A couple of weekends ago we headed over to Wiltshire to the village where Mark grew up.  I have fond memories of that part of the world.  I used to get the bus from the big town I lived in (Trowbridge - nothing more to be said about that place) which sent me down the winding country lanes for an hour to the village of Lavington.  We never went for romantic walks back then -  it was all about huddling on the couch watching hours of MTV2 and That 70s Show - so going back there recently Mark said he would show me the place he spent his summers cycling around.

Ha "that" picture you see in the US wedding blogs - where was my white dress?!

Over the weekend we saw lots of Mark's family, enjoyed a BBQ, met the cutest puppy and had a great Sunday (in another pub that Mark worked in).  Great family times!

22 weeks

In other news I'm selling my camera.  It's too bulky to carry around and drives me mad.  I prefer photography you can do quickly and I'm finding myself in positions where I don't want to get the SLR out as in some situations it's too loud and to get the right picture you really should fiddle around with the buttons and settings which is fine but I don't have time for that I may as well get a smaller camera which will provide the same pictures as I am getting with the SLR.

If anyone knows anyone wanting to get into photography it's a great little (I suppose there are even bigger SLR cameras out there) piece of equipment and I'm throwing in a zoom lens all here.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Lovely summer wedding

At the end of July my lovely friend Beth got married in a pub in Cheshire.  It was my favourite type of wedding - nothing pretentious just prettiness and a great family atmosphere.  It's how weddings should be.

It was such a great day that when we got back home I felt quite sad for a few days, I wonder if anyone else gets the wedding hangover as much as I do.  I just love being surrounded by family even if it's not my own and find it so strange when we go back to just the two of us I just have to get used to it again.  It's why I'm so flipping excited we're growing a family we are so ready for it!

20 week bump pic above - let's face it I'm pushing it out yearning for a bump to be showing!

Monday, 13 August 2012

A little bit of the Peak District

Before going over to see one of my oldest friends get married (and partake in the old bridesmaid activity) we booked the day off to go for a bit of exploring in the Peak District.  In the morning I visited our local butchers, bakers etc to put together a bit of a picnic and off we set.  In typical sods law fashion there were two major accidents on our route which meant some pretty hefty navigation from me and it ended up taking 6 hours to get to there instead of 3.  The journey we planned meant a detour from the route we would have taken just to go to the wedding venue and hindsight meant we could have just gone straight to the venue and planned a picnic around that area instead which was just as nice.

Instead we picnicked at a service station and spent half an hour walking a route I had planned to spend more time at.

It was very lovely though and the drive through the Peak District was great - it felt like we were in Scotland again and we are very excited to go back and show our children how great Britain is.



These pictures were taken when I was exactly 20 weeks pregnant.  I was feeling pretty amazing and only having a little bump to take care of.  I'm now over 22 weeks pregnant and already I'm aching, tired and generally feeling a bit rubbish - and so it begins!! I think I've got away with it so far.  I'm now desperate to get the next few months of work finished and sit myself on the sofa and wait for the baby to come.

We have some nice things planned in the meantime though to take my attention away from it all.  Mark turns 30 in a few weeks and we've got a real treat of a weekend planned I can't wait I might be more excited for this than I was for our Menorca holiday and I worry I'm more excited than the birthday boy!!

We also had a really nice weekend away back home seeing family which I'll blog pretty shortly, not forgetting a few snaps of the wedding we went to as well.