Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A birthday and a weekend away

Our one month countdown to the big day started exactly on the Mr's birthday.  Since our wedding meal will be a Spanish feast we decided to head to La Tasca (I live in Basingstoke...) to start the excitement.

The weekend was a busy one as the dress was finally ready to be picked up and since it was all the way in Essex the maid of honour kindly booked a hotel in London for us and mother of the bride.

While the dress had a few last minute alterations we took a walk down a country lane to the most amazing garden centre.  We're getting the wedding flowers from Organic Blooms, a business who grow seasonal cut flowers and so the flowers we end up getting all depend on what survive the change in season that's suddenly begun!  Our trip to the garden centre was a handy trip to see what's around.  

How great is this wildflower garden, I'm definitely going to try and recreate this in our little flower beds at home.

Then off to London we went.

Our hotel was in Paddington where there are lots of Mews, don't you just love a London Mews!!

We had a few drinks in China town and went for a chinese it was great! Oh and then we got a rickshaw back to the hotel but every photographical evidence of that were fuzzy, a bit like my head was at the time :)

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