Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunny evenings

Ahh Spain...I love it so much I'm almost certain that when Mark and I retire we will move out there.  It may never happen but I'm happy to let that dream sit in our heads.

Moments enjoyed this trip:

Swimming in the sea * cooking and enjoying simple Spanish dishes in our apartment * watching the sun set with a cocktail * freezing cold shower after a hot day * fresh mussels and tonnes of fresh bread to mop up the juice * getting out of the resort which seemed to cater only for Brits and see Menorca * white sand, clear water * walks hand in hand in the shallow sea * carrying a light bag as it didn't have an umbrella in it * walking around harbours * sitting on a jetty and dipping legs into the sea * narrow streets through old towns soaking up the shade * cafe con leche and people watching with my husband

So we're back from a wonderful holiday in Menorca.  It was crazy hot we didn't see temperatures less than 30 degrees every day and our apartment was located in a very hilly location.  It was stifling around the pool as we had no sea breeze and the sea was a mammoth 190 steps down a cliff - sounds like someone didn't do her research before booking the holiday!  We spent a few days around the pool and eating out in the resort/making up some Spanish style dishes in the apartment then hired a car for the rest of the holiday where we went to lots of beaches and visited a pretty fishing village "Fornells" and the old capital "Ciutadella".

These photos show the sunny evenings we enjoyed.  On the last night we went to Cova d'en Xoroi which is a highly overpriced bar set into the cliffs very near to our apartment.  For one night though we allowed ourselves a treat and enjoyed a cocktail while watching the sun set behind the cliffs.


  1. Your holiday sounds utterly lovely and just what you seemed to want from your trip. Such nice pics as always xXx

  2. Oh Caroline those photographs are so beautiful, I almost feel like I'm there (apart from all the rain when I look out of my window!) - and how stunning are those tiles on that house in the first picture? Amazing. x

  3. Oooh lovely photos! A great remedy in light of the current English weather. So glad you've had such a wonderful time! Xxx

  4. Beautiful. Looks like a perfect 'Babymoon' kind of place. Totally unsuitable for kids- step cliff steps, veranda with a low wall overlooking a huge drop to the sea and lots of shellfish! You could not say 'Not for kids' better if you screamed it at the top of your voice. X