Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Lovely lonely walk #2

Off I went again last week for a different walk around the village.  I had a bit of a boring week last week so tried to pick it up by the end walking and swimming.  This week I'm distracting myself with Christmas shopping before it's too late and we're up to our eyeballs with nappies etc.  We're doing very well the decs are out and the majority of presents are bought just got some stocking fillers to sort out which I'm hoping to make!

Here are some pictures from last week's walk, I love how you can do the same walk over and over and find something different each time to capture.


  1. I do the same walk every day and I always see something new too. You can't beat a good walk :)

  2. It's the same idea that--you watch the same movie over and over, and you always manage to notice something new about it. And with walks? The way the sun hits something at a particular angle. Tiny rocks and their locations. The sounds. Just, little bits of everything. Good luck finishing up your stocking stuffers! I still have a lot of Christmas things to do in general! Gah. :)

  3. Hi Hi! Just been stalking your blog! These pictures are so beautiful! They make my heart miss England! Even wintery England! *s*