Thursday, 31 January 2013

A brand new woman

6 weeks and a bit later and I'm finally back to my normal self.  I'm not going to pretend that I got myself better all by myself it's taken some tablets for the anxiety and doctor's orders are that I take them for at least 4 months.  I have no idea where I would be without them, it may have been the hormones and ordinary baby blues but I'm glad I caved in.  I hit a very low low and in all honesty hate seeing pictures of me or Albie in the really early days as they are a reminder of how sad I was and how desperate I was to go back to my old life oh the guilt!!

How life has changed now though. In fact I would take back my first statement above I'm not my old self anymore I'm a brand new woman, a mummy and I love it! I'm gushing all the time at how much I love my son and my husband for making such a beautiful child with me. I suddenly want an ark of children if we make them as happy as Albie though he is not so happy in the evenings, we have zero couple time but all seems to be forgotten when he smiles later on! Oh and for this ark of children I need to sort out the next birth so that postpartum hemorrhage can be avoided as best as possible that was an awfully long recovery,

Mark has taken to fatherhood like it was his vocation he is super dad and me, well I'm getting there! I'm the Mum who bashes the pram around the place I'm just glad Albie loves a bumpy ride! And seriously if someone tells me one more time that "you need a license for one of them" I will scream!

Life is changing very fast around me, suddenly I'm not the one going back to work part time in April anymore. I'm planning on going back full time working from home and we're hoping Mark will find a part time job instead. I've been told by some people it will be hard to work at home but I don't see why I can't break the day up so I can spend time with Albie in between work tasks and Mark will be there to look after him. I'm not mad enough to think that I could actually work and look after Albie especially when his naps in the day start reducing. I just love that Mark can be with Albie too, at the moment he comes home to a screaming baby it's not what he wants.

We've also been told that our landlord is thinking of selling the house, as a believer in fate I'm sure it's a sign that we should be making some changes.


  1. OH MY! He is adorable. No wonder he has stolen your heart. His hair! I need a cuddle, big time. Sorry to hear you felt rubbish in the beginning. I did too. Long labours and then new parent does that. Glad you are brighter and loving your new self. Well done hun. He is gorgeous. xxx

  2. Loving that bottom picture! Although they seem very far away, I totally identify with those early days of parenthood - it's a strange and wondeful and life-altering journey. My 'ark' if full now with 3 and it is the most fun ever (and I work from home too!).

  3. Ohhh how scrummy is he?! Sorry to hear you have been having a tough time - it's a bit like being hit with a tonne of bricks, becoming a mum, I think. All your old 'normals' have gone and you have to adjust to this strange (but wonderful!) new life, all while being sleep deprived and feeling like your insides are going to fall out with every step... Well done for holding your hands up and getting help too, that can't have been easy. Here's hoping your days become sunnier and sunnier. x
    P.S Thank you for finding my blog - I'm looking forward to having a good read of yours (and seeing more lovely teeny baby photos!)

  4. Gorgeous pictures of al three of you! He is simply splendid, isn't he! Sorry to hear you had such a tough start to things, but so pleased to know you're ok now. Hooray! Xxx

  5. Oh those photos of Albie and Mark are just adorable :) the matching smiles!

    Ug, I'm sorry you've had a tough time love, I'm glad its better now though and but just ignore everyone else and do what's right for the 3 of you and it will work out xx

  6. He really is a precious little poppet! Babies with hair are so adorable.
    I'm sorry to hear you've had a tough time to start with - wishing the three of you much happiness! And I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of Albie!

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