Wednesday, 1 May 2013

5 lines

Hello to everyone taking part in 'Blog Every Day in May'.

My life summed up:

wife to Mark, mummy to Albert

caring, bright, sensitive, neurotic, fun, logical, enthusiastic, anxious

camping, tapas, swimming, gardening, skiing, photography, reading

white wine, cider, Cuba Libre, breakfast tea, peppermint tea, cappucino, pomegranate juice

Dan in Real Life, Into the Wild, Away we Go, Moonrise Kingdom, Moulin Rouge, Little Miss Sunshine


  1. 1) Albert was on my short list for boy's names, but I went with Sebastian in the end - it's pretty much in the Top 3 for the next baby though!

    2) Yes to Pomegranate juice.

  2. Love! If we ever had a baby boy he would be Albie :) or Albert would be his middle name!

  3. So lovely to know you :) Tea <3 I am an addict .
    I am also in BEDM .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. Well done, looking forward to reading your posts. If my babe had been a boy she was going to be Albert as well........we thought we were being so original as well! Great minds think alike x

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