Monday, 26 November 2012

Lovely lonely walk

Now I'm on my maternity leave I'm trying to not fill up my time by just sitting on the sofa and watching daytime telly*.  Since we've moved around so much since leaving university in 2007 we've not tied down a set of friends nearby so I'm quite the loner with a lot of time on my hands!

I've been swimming a few times and getting quite a bit of attention from the lifeguards I think they're worried my waters are going to go or something.  It does feel great swimming though so I'll see if I can keep going for the next few weeks, I can't believe I'm now 37 and a half weeks pregnant!  I also take advantage of the countryside on my doorstep so getting out to walk even if it only takes half an hour before my feet swell up it feels great.

Here are some pictures from a recent walk just me and the baby.

*I confess though there is a good amount of this going on

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  1. Gosh I can't believe you are on maternity leave already - where has the time gone?! Looking lovely lady! x