Thursday, 14 February 2013

Subject to change

We're moving again....!! Because we have to though and to be honest Albie has outgrown our house already his stuff is everywhere we can barely move.  The landlord wants to sell the house and so we have to go the question is where do we go?

First we came up with Manchester.  We fell in love with the place when we moved away from there, we didn't realise how good we had it until we were gone. My Mum's home and it's where her family is apart from three things, her children and her grandchild. It's just too far for us to return to for now.

So what about Dorset/Devon we love it so. Mark and I love to go there for holidays and of course visiting my parents couldn't be easier. We had visions of us strolling to the beach with Albie, teaching him to swim in the sea and having BBQs (or breakfast!). It was so romantic and the house prices are amazing you get a lot of house for each £ but there's a reason for that...there are no jobs it would be too risky.  The other thing that put us off would be the insane traffic in the summer.

And so we have settled on going back to Wiltshire, Salisbury in particular. It's a place that holds lots of memories for Mark and I as children. Mark says every time we've driven past the hospital it's the place where he was born and nearly died (minutes to live when his appendix exploded, thought he had food poisoning and didn't want to bother the doctors stubborn bugger he is!!).  I lived in Salisbury twice I think, it's hard to keep up I was very small and we travelled a lot while my Dad was in the army. Eventually we moved to Trowbridge but Salisbury was somewhere my Mum and I visited on the train a lot so I have very recent memories and the place suits us well.  It's big enough to have lots to do but since it's Wiltshire there will be plenty of countryside to run around with Albie and the New Forest is a stones throw away.  The best part it's in the middle of all of Albie's grandparents so win win!

We just need a house to live in now and 3 beds are pretty scarce so fingers crossed the right one will come along soon.  At the weekend we took a look around Salisbury and we got so excited that Albie will have memories of the place just like his parents.



  1. Exciting plans. I love Salisbury and the surrounding areas so I agree with your choice! We're selling our home at the moment so I'll be sharing the pressures of moving home with you over the coming months too!

  2. Wow ... it's going to be busy and a bit crazy for awhile, then! I wish you the best in finding a new place and getting settled. Things will fall into plan; they always do. I'm glad you were able to find a place to live. When my fiance and I first graduated from college, we had the hardest time trying to figure out where we wanted to go. Of course, we may end up someplace else in the future but, for now, we're settled here, in Indiana. :) And thank you for pictures of the abbey! I love it when Rhianne shares photos of them as well...definitely something that America has nothing of...