Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Thoughts at 2 months

Blimey where has the time gone!? Our baby isn't such a baby anymore. When I said how big he is to someone the other day there was a hint that we might be over feeding him as he does guzzle a lot before bed time. However, he guzzles so much so that he sleeps for longer and in that we are blessed! He is also thin and long in fact I took out the tape measure last week and he is measuring well over the 100th percentile. I'm not sure if I'm measuring Albie wrong or whether we have a giant on our hands!

With all the growing we are saying goodbye to some very recent purchases: size 0-3 month clothes, the inner lining for the car seat, his moses basket and cloth nappies size tiny and small. I say goodbye, it's going in the loft for "next time" ha!! I'm disappointed most with putting away the cloth nappies because we bought a starter pack from gnappies and loads of cloth inserts and never used them! It was really hard at first and we agreed to use them when he's older so that we can adjust to being parents first before adjusting to extra things like the cloth nappy system! The problem is the size small nappies are too small after 13lbs and Albie was measuring 13lb 7 a couple of weeks ago...too late!! I'm not sure whether to put the nappies away and buy some medium sized nappies so that we use the cloth inserts or just sell the lot and be done with it. If anyone wants to make me an offer for a whole load of tiny gpants, small ones and some cloth inserts please do!

The cot issue has been tormenting me the last couple of weeks. Albie has been having problems getting to sleep at night and we tried everything even Ewan the sheep couldn't help us! The only solution was picking up the moses basket and rocking him to sleep. With Albie growing so much I knew we had to stop the rocking, put the moses basket in his cot and get him used to the new home.  When you're so sleep deprived though and knowing that rocking the basket would help you get some much needed sleep we kept giving in. Likewise, practising putting Albie down in the day in his cot just wouldn't work his hands would dash out and he wouldn't have his usual security and so the waterworks began. This weekend we just had to do it, I saw Albie sleeping with his neck bent and knew we had to transfer him asap. It had a shaky start but we're almost there. We can't quite leave him to fall asleep on his own at night he needs to fall asleep on us but in the day he's able to coo and tire himself out for a nap and for that I'm a very happy mummy!

There is something else that gets me down a bit and that is the babywearing journey I so want to be on. I love going for walks and really want to be able to wear Albie to do this but I'm really struggling.  I found the carrier that a friend gave us quite hard on the back and so I thought a wrap would be better but Albie is again so long his head pops out and since he can't support it yet I have to walk holding it, not the hands free experience I wanted!

While I love blogging and looking through old blog posts I really want to look through photo albums of Albie so I printed a heap of photos at the weekend and made keepsakes for Albie's grandparents.  We visited Mark's parents too and they were overjoyed to have photos. I guess you can digitalise everything but it's still nice to hold a photo rather than look on an email or on facebook.  It's why I love and really need to get back to taking photos with film cameras it's far more romantic.

I bought a stash of clothes for next to nothing second hand recently and there was a really cute t-shirt that made me smile. I realised I had been to most of the places illustrated and visited them in a different way to how we will visit places from now on. Mark and I tend to sit in coffee shops and bars to watch the world go by and try new food or just walk miles seeing what we come across. We're not big on sight seeing and while I'm not saying we will suddenly take Albie to see big sights when we go to new places with him I love the little captions on each landmark that suggest we will be putting a child like slant on everything from now on.  Speaking of travelling, I have a big obsession with buying new york maps and have a few in our house that we couldn't resist buying one for Albie's room.  I hope we can return and see New York through the eyes of a child one day.

In between evil growth spurts our days are filled with smiles and laughter. Well, I say laughter more like smiles with a funny cough behind them they certainly make us laugh loads and he just carries on it's brilliant! I didn't think we would be entertained this early on, I'm so glad we are though there is only so much feeding and sleeping I could handle I was desperate to interact with the little one.


  1. Ok, I'm not a parent so I don't relate completely to all your challenges but I will say this - he is ADORABLE!!!! And I hear it gets a lot easier!:) Hope you post lots of pictures in the future of this gorgeous little one:)

  2. I was thinking the other day that I need to print my photos out too - mine are all on computers or my blog... but what if I can't get to them somehow, that would be awful...

    Albie really is adorable, I love his little smile and I really love your honest sharing of being his Mum too xxx

  3. Look at that head of hair! Oh my goodness! What a ham. Like Rhianne, I'm glad to see/hear about you being a mom. It's so truthful, and I appreciate it. What you said about cloth diapers intrigued me a bit, acutally. My fiance and I have talked about, and I think that's something he wants to do when he/we have children. I know he doesn't want to use and waste tons of plastic, toss-away diapers. Anyway, I also saw that you're having trouble carrying the poor guy. Well, the author of a blog I follow had a baby about two years ago, and she used a sling from Sakura Bloom. (I'm posting the link below.) I don't know if it would be anything you're interested in or could use, but I thought I'd give you the link anyway. Have a happy weekend!