Thursday, 16 February 2012

New York, New York #2

Thanks for looking at part one and for the comments!  Here's my last part from our digital camera.  Next up will be some of the film photos we took which we're really happy with.

More memories:

* Buying the most amazing scone (chocolate chip!) from the market at Grand Central Station * Eating the scone on a rock in central park * The constant awe of how big the skyscrapers are * Battery Park * Huge muffins! * Comedy clubs * A floral street * Great coffee * American bars * St Patrick's Cathedral *


  1. I would have spent ALL afternoon at that park bench trying to get the perfect little birdie shot!! Love your photos!!

    1. Thank you! We crept pretty close to get that one I think we lost a few more on the way to that photo there were just loads of them!