Monday, 13 February 2012

Recent whirlwind

Phew! Without being a bore and going into detail things recently haven't quite been going smoothly. Last week we got some news which means everything can go back to normal (for now hey!) and we saw a quick gap and jetted off to New York with the money gifted to us by our wedding guests through Trailfinders.

We went there eight years ago and had the best time then and now the best time again.

Before we left I was quite busy with blogging only not on this website but on my friend Jay's site and then Charlie's.  How exciting!  I'm so looking forward to seeing Jay's allotment bloom, it's a great plot and I love the variety Jay has planned: veg, cut flowers and there are animals too!  I'm also going to get my act together and sort out the wedding photos and hopefully do some more guest blogging on Charlie's site telling our wedding story.

Do check them out:

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