Monday, 11 June 2012

Overton wanderings

I forgot to say thank you in my last blog post to the lovely readers who wished us well so thank you Rhianne, Dora, Charlie, Jen, Naomi, Katie and Nell.  I'm not going to lie every single one of your names I put with "Moore" to see if it had a ring to them and our chosen middle name (at the moment) of a girl and a few did well.  We've always had a boys name in mind so I'm pretty sure as luck would have it we will be having a girl!

This weekend was pretty quiet, Mark went off to a stag do and I had my parents up we chatted about the future.  As a result of these conversations I'm currently researching mortgages what a headache! I think it will teach me a lesson in how to be patient.  

When Mark got home all groggy and sore from a combination of paintballing and drinking we went for a walk to wake ourselves up.  It was really nice and we saw a lot more of our village which is so much better than where we used to live I'm looking forward to walking our little one round here (unless we can get on the property ladder before then which would mean moving west where it's cheaper - lesson one in patience!).  Hope you all had a good one and managed to get something done in this terrible weather!


  1. Oh bless you! You could just use all of our names, too long? Ha-ha x

  2. Haha, loved the names thing, that proper cheered me up! Gorgeous pictures, I think wild flowers make such beautiful images. x

  3. Living the dream0 looks lovely!! xx