Thursday, 7 June 2012


I've not been doing much recently, just counting down the days until scan day.  I'm sure there will be another countdown starting soon for the big "boy or girl" scan.  It's amazing how you know how many weeks gone you are I never used to even know what day of the week and yet now it's "11+2", "12+4" etc to the question how far are you gone (12+6 today for anyone wondering!)

I think I'm going to keep a bump diary, we've bought a scrap book to put all the pictures in it will be fun to see how much I've grown.  A few people have said I'm showing but under clothes I don't think you can tell, I've always had a bit of a belly I just don't think anyone's noticed before :) what do you think?

We've spent weekends plodding about we visited my parents a couple of weeks back and went around a nice garden and I also got to see some knitwear my Mum's working on - so cute it even inspired me to pick up the knitting needles again!

We've got some interesting things lined up soon so I should get my blogging hat back on!  This weekend the other half is off to a stag do (expect some plodding around the garden pics from me) then we're off to a wedding, thinking about a food/beer festival, going to sunny Menorca for a week and then I'm going to be bridesmaid for one of my best friends.  Let the busyness commence it only makes the countdowns go faster.

Hopefully the bridesmaid dress will be ok for me when I'm 20 weeks pregnant!

Lovely cottage garden near where I live
Nothing to see here...or is there?

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  1. Beautiful photos! Cant wait to see your bump photos and watch you as you grow a little bubba! (Did not mean to sound stalkerish!) xx