Monday, 24 September 2012

Happy 30th to my one and only!

A few weekends ago my husband turned 30 and we went back to River Cottage.  We enjoyed the spring fair so much that we went back for the autumn fair.  For both weekends we were so lucky with the weather! It was a glorious March weekend when we went the first time that we thought it surely wouldn't be the same in September....  

It was a lovely day.  They had some good food on offer though as always I went for the tasty option rather than the adventurous option, I had a huge burger with the nicest sauce and cheese went down a treat! I also let myself have a little bit of the River Cottage Stinger beer to raise a glass with Mark for his 30th birthday - it's really good stuff I'm not even an ale person!

We wandered around the grounds and then met up with the lovely Charlie (and here if you're planning a wedding!) and her husband Nick and had a good old chat in the sun, I could have stayed there all day but we had to get away to head to our next port of call for Mark's birthday weekend.

We went to a fantastic campsite on the edge of Dorset a short car ride away from the new forest.  We could have easily camped with our own tent but they had a really good rate to hire bell tents they have on the site which was just what I needed since back aches are now part of my daily routine.  We hired a tented suited for two people but they gave us an upgrade when we arrived to one for four people which was actually a 6 man tent, fitted with a wood burner!

To be honest, the tent was massive I have never been in a tent where I could do star jumps!! I would have actually been very happy with the smaller tent, I'm quite keen to know what they are like as it's something we might consider getting one day and this tent took a long time to heat up on the first freezing night we had that I wondered if the smaller tent minus the wood burner would have been cosy and warmer.

This tent however, was on decking which was very handy when it rained on the last day and we were situated in our own private area which let us live in our own world cooking and chatting.

We impressed ourselves with our cooking making paella in the dark with some really nice spicy salami we bought at the market at River Cottage, a fried breakfast (of course!) and a fish stew.

So a good birthday weekend we had! The last couple have been spent not doing very much and I must say I'm enjoying putting my feet up.  The next couple are back to being busy and work, well let's not go there it's just insane but only for another month and a half before I finish for a long (ish) spell.

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  1. What a brilliant weekend - that campsite looks great! My parents live in Dorset, it's a really beautiful part of the world. x

  2. That looks lovely and look at your cute bump!

  3. I've always wanted to go to an event at River Cottage - it looks so amazing and relaxed plus those tents 'wow' I'm looking that out for a possible next holiday.

    Hope your aches are manageable - I remember those last few weeks so well.

    Nina x