Monday, 8 October 2012

365 days later...

Or perhaps it's 366, I'm not too hot on leap years I just go with the flow.  

This time last year I married my first boyfriend.  One day when I was staying at his house and revising for my A-levels, he turned around to me and said "marry me".  It wasn't a fully blown get down on one knee proposal but an understanding between us when I said yes that we were going to be together forever.  Let's be honest it hasn't been an easy nine years and in my opinion it can't be that serious if there aren't any ups and downs but we stuck through it and are currently on the path of living happily ever after.

Four of my favourite photos from the wedding of the two of us are shown below which I'd like to think show the true couple we are, fun people that don't take a lot too seriously who love each other very much. 

And so here we are today 30 weeks along in our journey to making a family.  

Ironically no wedding ring on my finger, bloody swollen fingers
All black and white photos taken by Allister Freeman


  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! How exciting. You guys, of course, look immensely happy in your photos from last year. I can only imagine that you will be happier and more joyful with the expansion of your family. Again, congratulations! I hope you were able to do something nice to celebrate!

  2. I love how your boy proposed! And that top picture is so beautiful. Happy Anniversary. x

  3. oh I love your wedding photos, they are beautiful! Congrats on your anniversary. Thomas and I are celebrating 10 years together (unmarried lol) this year and you're right, you need the ups and the downs to know that its a serious, dedicated relationship and sticking through it is the best feeling once you've got through the worst parts.

    Also, I love your dress!

  4. totally stunning...all of it! x