Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Local delights

After our day at Weymouth we carried on making the most of the great weather the day after and went to the beach.  Hamworthy beach is literally right next to where my parents live but it's a bit of a trek around the railway line especially when it's 26 degrees.  A half hour walk to the beach though can't be a bad thing though it means you don't have to drive at silly o'clock in the morning to beat the queues you can just grab a few bits and head to the beach any time bliss!  

This pregnant lady was having a few troubles that day though, it really was very hot and I didn't take anything with me to prepare myself so borrowing my Mum's swimming costume and shorts was a bit annoying and I had no hat or sunglasses.  We also had no parasols just a couple of golf umbrellas so one was a bit flustered! We were proper Brits though, carried on regardless and all got sunburnt.  I did however go in the sea twice and it was amazing!

When we got home that evening, Mark and I went for a stroll around the village.  We may not have a beach on the doorstep but we have a pretty meadow area to sit in and lots of walks through the countryside to enjoy.  I really can't wait to take the baby to the meadow when I'm on my maternity leave finding things to do just the two of us (I just hope we get a really dry winter...).

Tired and burnt

These pictures were taken on the rest of the film and I'm working on getting a few more films filled up over the upcoming weeks we have lots of exciting things happening one of which is Mark's 30th birthday this weekend!  I also managed to sell my camera and downsized to a really sleek Sony NEX 5N it's great so lots of pictures being taken at the moment.


  1. I love those pictures you took in the meadow, they are SO pretty. You've capture magic in those two pics I think :)

  2. Hello! I found you through Rhianne's blog, the guest post. :) I'm glad I stopped by here. I think I shall be following you from now on... Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed these photos. The water looks so relaxing! I really enjoy the photo that was taken from underneath the umbrella; I like the inclusion of the black and white. And the latter photos? You can't go wrong with flowers. :) So pretty, especially with that glowing sunset.