Thursday, 30 August 2012


A couple of weekends ago we visited my parents down in Dorset and went to Weymouth for the day.  It was a bit of a muggy grey day but as long as it doesn't rain I'm happy.  We went for a walk along an old railway which led us to Weymouth harbour.

I love visiting harbours they are always peaceful, you can sit down and people watch as there is always so much going on.  The trouble is I always want a boat, I get pretty jealous of the people docking up to get some snacks and then sailing off to the next harbour.  When my parents said we were going to get a boat I was beside myself!  I thought perhaps they do boat hire what a treat?! Ha oh no we had a little ferry from one side of the harbour to the other, I was easily amused though.

Any boat will do!

It was a short walk from the other side of the harbour to the beach.  I took these pictures on my SLR and the film doesn't really love grey days so the beach doesn't look very enticing but it did look much better.  It summed up summer holidays there were kids everywhere with their buckets and spades and mums and dads with all the kit: tents, windbreaks, deckchair, the works! It look quite stressful but perhaps that will be us one day!

We sat on the beach for a short while while I picked up some more energy (I'm not quite up for long walks anymore!) before heading home.

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  1. What a fabulous time to blow the cobwebs away - even if it was a little grey. Your pictures still look lovely.

    The nearest harbour to us is Ramsgate and I always wish for a boat to be moored up - the most we can do is take advantage of a friends...he does have a lovely wee wood burning stove in his boat so it warms up really rather nicely. Big sigh.

    Nina x