Saturday, 20 October 2012

Autumn near Red Lion Lane

I often come back from London and think to myself how much I miss living in a city where you have so much choice and that every weekend has plenty of choices without having to spend too much money getting places.  In particular, this morning I wanted to get out the house but often it means getting in the car which isn't ideal when you're on a huge budget mission with baby on the way.

With all the positives of city living there is something we never got and what I wanted more than anything when we lived in Manchester was to step outside our front door and be in the countryside within minutes.  At our current place we call home, we finally have that luxury.  We see the changes in seasons, something I never paid attention to when we lived in Manchester partly due to being an ignorant young adult but also because it never slapped me in my face.

Last weekend we took a walk around the corner where Autumn was certainly slapping us in the face.


  1. Gorge photos and look at your lovely bump! Amazing. Xxx

  2. Hope you and your belly are hanging in there! :) Autumn looks quite cozy there too. I like the photo of the photo taking place. :)