Sunday, 4 March 2012


We had a great time in Amsterdam.  A lot of people raised their eyebrows at the thought of us choosing to go there without an army of stags but having gone there as a youngster and being charmed, I wanted to go there with adult eyes.  So yes, you can't miss the sweet smells in the narrow alleys around the red light district but it's worth a  quick walk through and then move on, there is so much more square metres to explore.

We went by train and not only was it reducing our carbon footprint but you get to see a bit more of the world and it's so much more relaxing than being rushed around an airport and waving goodbye to your belongings.  

We had glorious blue skies and sunshine the whole time we were there but it was very cold! We spent a lot of time walking up and down canals and jumping into cafes and pubs to warm up.  I so wish we had the bicycle culture in Britain like they have in the Netherlands.  When I decided to commute to university by bike  it didn't last long when I nearly got ran over by a car who shouted at me for getting in his way.  In Amsterdam we saw cyclists getting the right of way ringing their bell at the cars when this didn't happen!

I said it was cold!

We stumbled into some tourist attractions too; the flower market "Bloemenmarkt", Anne Frank's house, the aforementioned Red Light District, we went on a canal cruise and then what I imagine are some less touristy spots, the Albert Cuyp market and a small tulip museum.

Ok so it rained once...typical for us it was when we wanted clear windows!

I don't think we will go back again but only because the Netherlands has so much more to explore.  I must stress as well that this trip was only done because I then spent a day in Utrecht and another day in the Hague for work so figured this was a good opportunity to go as my transport was free!  Having spoken to my Dutch colleagues they have pointed out some nicer places to go and since we had a pleasant time in Amsterdam I look forward to what else there is to explore.  We're even thinking of going on a cycling holiday in the Netherlands in the summer.  So watch this space!

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  1. Loved your pictures, they are fantastic. I went a few years back and may go again just once more but I agree other places to explore.

    Every picture is so interesting.

    Sam x