Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sunny times at River Cottage

Mark and I are not ashamed to say at all that we are River Cottage groupies.

I got Mark membership to River Cottage for Christmas and the first thing he did with his joining discount was get tickets to the "Get Growing in Spring" event.  The event is an opportunity to get ready for the summer, swapping produce, buying seeds, updating knowledge via talks from the River Cottage experts and, well, like we did take photos of River Cottage itself.

It was a great day out, we ate, we drank, we went to lots of talks and we soaked up the glorious sun.



  1. Beautiful! And YAY for bbq season.
    Spring has sprung.

    1. I'm so happy spring is here too and we have longer days I am always that little bit more smiley at this time of year

  2. This looks immense! Im passing you the sunshine award as a lover of the sunny times! Details are on my blog! xx