Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Times are changing at home.  We're running out of space in our little one bedroom house and being held back for the things we want to do.  Our tiny kitchen and tiny bit of room at the front of the house for pots are stopping us from the cooking and gardening that we so want to do.

Our visit back to Hungerford pushed us to keep a look out for similar houses to where we lived before.  And so in just over a month we will be relocating 12 miles west to the village of Overton.  We thought we would enjoy the sunny weather we had last weekend (before it snowed!!) and see the village as it wakes up on a Saturday and at the same time use the last of my film in the Vivitar camera I blogged about in my last post.


Ah Salisbury, Mark and I lived there as children I wonder if we're slowly moving back there? We're also getting further away from London, bad in one sense but explains the cheaper price we're paying for this property!

Our new house will be the one with the white door, can't wait!

We had a little drive around the village and saw that Hardy's are right down the road.  This place provided last year's best plant prize at the Chelsea Flower Show!  I've got a lot of work to do in the garden before I'm ready to even think about plants but it's a nice place I'm sure to wonder around in the summer.


  1. ooooh cute house! So exciting!xx

  2. your new house looks lovely :) how exciting for you and what a cute village too!

  3. Thanks guys I'm so excited I have a feeling this month will go slow!!