Sunday, 1 April 2012

Around Dorset/Devon

The photos below show what we were up to between River Cottage and wandering around the cottage. Our fish was bought from Lyme Regis which is a nice place though really busy - especially when the sun shines!  The first photo is totally misleading as to the left of me there were hundreds of children running into the sea, people taking a first bite of their ice cream before the seagulls run away with it and general British "it's sunny so I shall wear hardly anything and grin and bear it" gotta love it!  

We didn't stay very long at the beach and after wandering around the shops we took a river walk back to the car.  

We had to check out of the studio pretty early the next day and since the clocks had just gone forward the roads were completely empty.  We headed west to a little fishing village called 'Beer'.  I remember going there when I was about ten and really enjoying it so I had to suggest a second look.


  1. Love the flares and that magical orb in your second shot.
    Something about your 9th photo fills me with joy.
    I'm not sure if its the crisp blue sky, the wisps of cloud or the pretty foliage reaching up to them both that has me but either way I'm drawn right in.

    Great shots lovely x

    1. Thank you! I really like the second photo too it was such a nice evening x

  2. Beautiful shots. I love the one with the sunflare spots and also the boats in a row.