Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A party and a pledge

I'm currently on the impatient last leg of waiting to move house.  With less than a week to go I've climbed into a cave where inside I'm sulking and working from home because the amount of journeys I take to work are unbearable.  You would have thought that getting 4 buses a day would "drive" me to take lessons but alas my job in road safety seems to terrify me into getting into the driving seat.  

Next week I'll be a nice ten minutes away and I can't wait...literally.  Luckily all my weekends recently have been busy and last weekend was probably the busiest.  I went up to Manchester to catch up with one of my oldest friends and then go to the celebration of my friend Charlie's company as she celebrated running it for 5 years.  

It was a really nice celebration and Charlie was the perfect host.  I helped set up the flowers before though didn't do as many arrangements as Charlie as I was a bit nervous of messing up with the lovely flowers Charlie had got.  The flowers were from Blossom flowers in Chorlton who source British flowers and the foliage was foraged by Charlie herself.  

Here are just a few photos of the decor before the guests arrived.

Speaking of British flowers I've joined the campaign to support British flowers as you can see by the badge on the left.  I will make sure that I check where flowers are grown when I buy them and I'm going to try my damn hardest to grow some!!  

On the great blog by Vanessa Kimbell there is a competition to grow the best posy and so for this I have signed up and made a wish list of zinnias and cosmos supplied by Thompson & Morgan.  Fingers crossed there will be something to show by August.

Photo credit: Thompson & Morgan


  1. I can totally sympathise with you when it comes to the commute on public transport! I passed last year, I cried during my driving test! But it was all worth it, you can do it! Good luck with the growing, hope to see some pretty things soon! x

  2. these photos are beautiful! I was in Manchester this weekend too!

    I would love to learn to drive but the costs really bother me - the bus is cheaper in comparison even if they drive me mad!!

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm glad I'm not the only one rushing out to drive I really am fed up though with the amount of people going on at me needing to drive. If only they knew that if I wanted to I would - I'm probably the most stubborn person I know when it comes to slaving away for the things I really really want :)

  4. The flowers look gorgeous - thank you for the link to your friend's company as it's a beautiful site, my neck of the woods too. I love the hawthorn wreath that she has done.

    sam x

  5. Beautiful pictures and flowers Caroline! Although we have some gorgeous wildflowers here in Western Australia I am envious of your pretties over there! Hope your move goes smoothly!

  6. Thought I would say hello as I'm the friend who Caroline helped arrange the flowers for :) I didn't learn to drive until I was about 23 which felt pretty late at the time, but when I all my friends were learning to drive at 18 they thought I was pretty odd. I just didn't see the point, you might as well learn to drive when you're ready to and actually want to :)