Sunday, 1 April 2012


Last night Mark cooked a treat! All from scratch we had chicken goujons and pizza.  While pottering about in Reading after a really earning morning (more on that to come!) we found a very cheap pizza stone which cooked on made the pizza super crispy.  

I don't really know how to photograph food like the amazing David Loftus and Jennifer Causey but I just had to write a proud post for my husbands cooking and believe me if you saw our oven you would wonder how anything gets hot!  Roll on the house move so that we can have a lovely new* oven and not our very aged one.

*Seriously anything newer than 15 years counts as new in my book


  1. Ooh what's your pizza topping? Looks lovely!

  2. Everything looks very tasty. We have a really really old over too and I hate it. It's also brown. :/