Tuesday, 10 January 2012

An afternoon at Petersham Nurseries

On our way back from London we took a detour to Richmond and walked down the river to Petersham Nurseries.  

It is a really pretty garden centre with (in addition to plants) a greenhouse where you can have food and drink from the teahouse and a greenhouse where you can buy pottery and suchlike and eat a set menu.  
We personally prefered the teahouse as having a three course meal at a garden centre seems a bit formal to me!

The greenhouse looked like a great place to wile away an afternoon but was a bit busy so we took our tea and cake outside.  I loved the style of this garden centre, adding all the furniture to my mental wishlist and wishing I had a big garden to put it in.


  1. Love your photos! Would be great if I practiced this technique in life - focus on the important parts and blur out all the rest!!!

    1. Thanks! Although I do feel like I over did it a bit still experimenting :)

  2. Hallo, I discovered your blog today. I like your pictures. They are lovely.