Monday, 30 January 2012

Capital adventure

Another day another roll of film used.  We hadn't been to London in a month and were a bit tired of walking around the countryside so hopped on the train last Saturday.

We started off with a wander around Borough and Jubilee Market.  It was so much busier than the last time we went but was great all the same.  We're currently doing a meat free challenge and really struggled to find tasty vegetarian lunch options.  In the end I went for a wild mushroom pie only to find when I took my first bite that it was chicken and leek! 

Next we found ourselves in the City of London admiring the retro buildings around the Barbican made pretty by everyone's green fingers!

We then ended up at Liverpool St Station and wandered up Shoreditch High St to Hoxton where we saw old meeting new by way of the modern tall buildings shooting out of the backdrop from a traditional street.

After that we went to a very cool museum which I'll blog about once I've sorted out all the pictures I took!


  1. Absolutely stunning film photographs. I particularly love the 8th one down, looking up to the geometric buildings. Such wonderful light. Xx

  2. Oh I'd love a trip here, not been to London in a long time. Great piccies. I'm a vegetarian and your pie incident had happened to me countless times.

    Sam x