Monday, 2 January 2012

Christmas wanderings

Happy new year!!

Our Christmas holiday unfortunately didn't go quite to plan this time around (neither did the last two, I'm thinking no plans this year will do the trick).

We drove to Dartmoor to the most lovely cottage which was so cosy with a log fire and located on the most twinkly street with a friendly pub within a stones throw.  On Christmas Eve we had just made dinner and just as my Mum filled a ladle of soup and was about to poor it into a bowl the whole house went pitch black (it did make for a funny moment where she then had to make sure she got rid of this hot soup carefully).  

An electrician came round to the house and decided that the cooker was making the fuses trip meaning the only option was to go home as cooking Christmas dinner the next day would be too dangerous (let's not go there that he was actually wrong - the owner got someone else to look into it on boxing day and it was actually the electric heaters causing it!).

It wasn't all bad though, we had a great walk in Dartmoor on Christmas Eve and another one on Boxing Day in Swanage near where my parents live.  



We had the most amazing weather on this walk, we could see the sun coming from the horizon at the beginning and the next thing you know the clouds completely disappeared.

 I've been fond of Donkeys ever since playing one in a drama club performance of Animal Farm at school


Not one but two sightings of my new surname!

The walk we followed out of my Dad's book of Dorset walks was great because it wasn't just a boring route through fields, we went up cliffs, through a farm, down Swanage seafront, past a castle and through some woodland.

We came across a lighthouse which housed an honesty charity shop.

We just spent the weekend in London welcoming the new year so lots more photos to share very soon!


  1. love these photos. especially the trekkers and the lighthouse ones.

  2. what fab pictures....i used to have a shop in swanage so it was lovely to see your photos esp the butchers and veg shop which i used most days!!!