Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Day tripping

We had a busy three days around Menorca in the car; driving down narrow dirt tracks to tropical beaches and into authentic Spanish towns to watch the world go by.

We went to a beautiful fishing village, Fornells and ate amazing seafood while watching fishermen sail off in their little boats in between very rich people with their fancy yachts.  

We also visited the old capital Ciutadella and walked through narrow streets admiring how different every house was and dreamt of living the Spanish life.

I've posted this so late, it now seems like years ago we went to Menorca! I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to post I wrote it pretty much as soon as we got back.  I sat and edited the pics on the VSCO app and really love the outcome but when the pictures are put together (along with some instagram photos) it all looks a bit over edited.  

I'm worried that I've lost the passion in taking the actual photos and focusing efforts in making any old thing look pretty afterwards.  

I'm definitely going to go back to my love of film photography where the content is important so you don't waste precious film and try and stop using all the fancy camera apps.

Though bear with me we took very few photos from a wedding this weekend and I wanted to blog the day so set instagram/VSCO to work and am happy for now.

So for now I will get to work on ordering some new films and plan the new journey....I also need to do some more bump pictures!!

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  1. I've never thought that a persons photos were dictated by their equipment, you still have lovely compositions and an eye for colour in these photos and I don't think they look over edited at all.

    I love film photography but a good photo is still a good photo whatever the format :)