Sunday, 26 August 2012

A proper Sunday

I have a big confession.  I've not been out in the garden since I last blogged about it.  I suppose all the rain hasn't helped and we've made sure the hedge and grass is cut but for the rest of the garden the weeds have overgrown and it's generally very miserable.

I had enough today I went out and decided to just uproot everything in the hope we can start again.  Plus the landlord had shocking taste in some of the plants that are among the weeds.  I started and then felt the task was too big so temporarily gave up until Mark came to help.  We blasted through a lot of it and there is still lots more to do but it's great that we have made a start.

No before pics I was too stressed by it all!
I have absolutely no idea what we do now to be honest.  Any gardening experts out there please let me know!

As for the rest of the day, Mark played golf and I went swimming which felt like a proper start to the day.  After this manual task that sent the baby wild with kicks I had a relaxing bath.  We currently have chicken roasting in the oven and Mark is making baked cauliflower with cheese yum! I'm sure I'll be asleep by 8....

These pictures aren't great but I thought I would say goodbye to the camera before it goes to it's new home. Now the task begins to find a new camera!

Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday.


  1. It's a lovely garden Caroline! It has such potential. Questions for you though - is it sunny/shady? What is your soil type? Do you want plants that are evergreen, or pop up with colour in spring/summer? Are you going to grow your own veg/fruit? There are already a few nice plants in it from what I can see!

    As for the camera, I know what you mean about it being so heavy and awkward at times. Have you seen those Bridge cameras - they look pretty good to me and you can still change lenses etc. x

    1. Thanks for helping! It's a mixture of sunny and shady it would get all day sun if it wasn't for the huge hedge lining the garden but it gets sun at some point in the day. Is soil type acid/alkaline? I wouldn't have a clue but I know it's a nightmare clay texture.

      I really would love to grow veg.

      Do you think I can just mix up the existing soil with some good compost and then get planting or do I need to do more than that?