Thursday, 16 August 2012

Lovely summer wedding

At the end of July my lovely friend Beth got married in a pub in Cheshire.  It was my favourite type of wedding - nothing pretentious just prettiness and a great family atmosphere.  It's how weddings should be.

It was such a great day that when we got back home I felt quite sad for a few days, I wonder if anyone else gets the wedding hangover as much as I do.  I just love being surrounded by family even if it's not my own and find it so strange when we go back to just the two of us I just have to get used to it again.  It's why I'm so flipping excited we're growing a family we are so ready for it!

20 week bump pic above - let's face it I'm pushing it out yearning for a bump to be showing!


  1. You look stunning, I can see the bump!! The beautiful vibe of the day shows in the photos :)

  2. Oh beautiful! Gorgeous flowers too! x

  3. I love weddings like that too and I definitely get wedding hangover/blues, I was sad for nearly a whole week after my sister's wedding.

  4. Such gorgeousness. I remember being pregnant at my sisters wedding a few years back and at 14 weeks I was desperately trying to do the opposite as I only have a tiny middle and I tend to show very early on.

    Nina x

  5. Hi
    I stumbled across your blog as I follow Nina at Tabiboo.
    Great pictures and congratulations on the mini-bump.