Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Back home

A couple of weekends ago we headed over to Wiltshire to the village where Mark grew up.  I have fond memories of that part of the world.  I used to get the bus from the big town I lived in (Trowbridge - nothing more to be said about that place) which sent me down the winding country lanes for an hour to the village of Lavington.  We never went for romantic walks back then -  it was all about huddling on the couch watching hours of MTV2 and That 70s Show - so going back there recently Mark said he would show me the place he spent his summers cycling around.

Ha "that" picture you see in the US wedding blogs - where was my white dress?!

Over the weekend we saw lots of Mark's family, enjoyed a BBQ, met the cutest puppy and had a great Sunday (in another pub that Mark worked in).  Great family times!

22 weeks

In other news I'm selling my camera.  It's too bulky to carry around and drives me mad.  I prefer photography you can do quickly and I'm finding myself in positions where I don't want to get the SLR out as in some situations it's too loud and to get the right picture you really should fiddle around with the buttons and settings which is fine but I don't have time for that I may as well get a smaller camera which will provide the same pictures as I am getting with the SLR.

If anyone knows anyone wanting to get into photography it's a great little (I suppose there are even bigger SLR cameras out there) piece of equipment and I'm throwing in a zoom lens all here.


  1. Not sure what is cuter, the bump or the puppy!

    Glad to have found your lovely blog via Tabiboo, and look forward to following. x

  2. What a beautiful place to grow up - I know I live by the coast (at the moment) but it's a kind of place I dream about living one day.

    Nina xxx

    ps. I spy a bump.

  3. Oh beautiful Wiltshire - so lovely to see another side of it. Stunning picture of the flowery lane & so great to see your little bump - hooray! Xxx

  4. Oooh those pictures bring back some memories- I was a Dauntsey's boarder, so spent many a day wandering in those fields! Congratulations on the bump by the way- I am very behind with bloggy news! x

  5. It looks so romantic there (then again, I am an ignorant American, so anything on the other side of the ocean looks amazing to me). The ivy on the walls? How green everything looks? I would certainly bike around the area, too. And those purple/pink flowers? My mom has those in her own yard as well! I was so happy to see something that I recognize. :) Again, I'm glad I stumbled on your blog.